01. DESIGN PROCESS For the flooring, we went neutral with crema beige Italian marble, introducing a vibe that allowed every room to stand out on its own while giving the buyer a sense of what could be done with the space, both aesthetically and practically.
02. CONCEPT Being a Show Flat, it needed to have all the ingredients that would help the buyer understand spatial and aesthetical use of the apartment.
01. Design Process
The master bedroom stood at the horizon of sophistication and class, in stunning black and gold with sleek details and high-end accessories.
The high velvet chesterfield headboard with a soft wallpaper added to the luxe factor of this dream room.
The second bedroom was all white, a bold choice for a teenager's room, but with the right floor-to-ceiling wallpaper and colourful fabrics, it instantly brought in a gush of vibrance and youthfulness.
Design Process Image
Design Process Image
Results Outcome
02. Results/Outcome
In contrast, wood and beige were the choices for the third bedroom, lending a warm and cosy character to the customised fabric-printed headboard.
A pop of walnut veneer to dominate this room and we had ourselves a clean yet classy expanse.
The living room was understated and elegant with minimal furniture, complemented by the right accessories to fill up the space with luxury and poise.
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