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SHAHEN MISTRY Principal Architect/ Proprietor At Shahen Mistry Architects, our essence pivots on the intersection of design, knowledge, innovation, culture and functionality to bring a sophisticated balance to our clients vision. Sense and sensibility come together to put in the extra effort, so your living becomes effortless.
Today, there's a growing demand for global luxury and modern design, without losing the heart of what makes a home. Which is why our process is ever-evolving, bringing in new technology, craft and technique that synergises contemporary aesthetic, warmth and comfort.
Proprietor and Principal Architect Shahen Mistry believes great design is intuitive and practical, yet timeless. A space must redefine what it means to live, work and thrive in today's cities. It is this narrative that runs through our award-winning and widely recognised architectural and interior portfolios, be it residential, commercial, landscaping, hospitality, interior accessorising or photography.
A seamless client experience is imperative to making a successful client delivery. The process begins with getting in touch, sharing your vision and arriving at common goals. Our commitment never compromises on design or quality, keeping in mind the minutest of details along with the larger picture.
We encourage you to look through our portfolio and visit our completed projects. From modern and traditional to bespoke and location-inspired, experience how a Shahen Mistry signature design can inspire you to fall in love with your space.
OUR PHILOSOPHY We understand clients demand for global luxury and modern design that originates warmth and comfort.
We like to sensibly strike balance in our design between technology - comfort - functionality & aesthetics.
18 YEARS EXPERIENCE In 2007 Ar. Shahen Mistry had put a milestone of a young design studio, which is rooted to basics incorporating timeless proportion and scale to space with changing design needs.
100+ PROJECTS DONE Shahen believes in “never say no” design philosophy that encourages evolving the design throughout the design/build process and helps and motivates his team to constantly push themselves to achieve greatness.
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We understand clients demand for global luxury and modern design that originates warmth and comfort.We like to sensibly strike balance in our design between technology, comfort, functionality & aesthetics. View our Designed Projects
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