01. DESIGN PROCESS It began right from the office entrance, designed with a pastel pink, English-panelled door to make it stand out from the other businesses in the area.
Colour and material came next, playing a central role in the design.
02. CONCEPT Being a compact 550 sq. ft. office, our foremost ambition was to open up the space, declutter it and keep it fresh.
01. Design Process
The walls and floor wore a neutral grey with large Nexion grey matt tiles in the floor, complemented by Mecasa wall paint. Pop colours in the artwork and furniture were the perfect additions to bring in more vibrance and warmth.
Clean black profile glass partitions divided the cabins and distinguished the working areas from the reception.
The MD's chamber hosted a clean and white table, a palette best seen on a white backdrop.
Design Process Image
Design Process Image
02. Results/Outcome
Grand, colourful artworks adorn the entry wall, giving company to a bright yellow sofa and tall plant along the other corner.
For the meeting room, it was essential to have the abundant light and energy filter through the space. A customised, coloured glass table and an elegant chandelier by Jade Designs completed the focal point of the room, surrounded by colourful chairs and accessories, making it the perfect space for innovation and ideas to flow.
Client Picture
Binita & Shirazad Khory
If you want marry trendy design with functionality and yet have the best looking house it's only and only Shahen who can do that. ...We loved his taste and his guidance was respected. Shahen is the trusted name for transforming a house into a beautiful home. His work will keep our house looking modern for years to come. I strongly recommend Shahen to anyone whose home requires a makeover. Thank you to his team for being available on calls and providing the best solutions. Keep this good going. Cheers Read More
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