01. DESIGN PROCESS Keeping the floor neutral with white Venatino Italian Marble from The Quarry was the perfect design commentary running through the house.
It not only opened up the other spaces, but also made room for space and luxury.
02. CONCEPT To build a luxurious home filled with materials that are exquisite and complement each other.
Every room should be unique, while still come together as a whole to create an elegant space called home.
01. Design Process
The living room had two focal points, first being a wall cladded with exotic grey mist marble adorned by a customised brass unit.
The other highlight was the charcoal and brass inlay TV pop-up unit with marble flutes. Wine coloured chairs looked perfect around the customised glass and brass coffee table, along with a mint green sofa for added elegance.
The guest room wall was divided with a glass partition to open up the living area and bring in more character and depth.
Design Process Image
Design Process Image
Results Outcome
02. Results/Outcome
For the master, we went classic with a high wine geometric headboard, elegant wardrobes and gold accents.
The kids room brought in geometric form while leaning towards a neutral palette of pinks and greys.
The prayer room was another focal point in the house with an exquisite mother of pearl blue peacock feather inlay and backlit gold accents.
Client Picture
Mr. & Mrs. Singh
Shahen & his team helped convert a bare-shell apartment into our "dream home." My wife & I were keen on getting our interiors done with an opulent feel - similar to that of a luxury hotel suite. ...Shahen understood the assignment from the get-go and not only met but exceeded our expectations. The entire process - from the initial checklist, design briefs, and mood boards to 3D conceptual layouts, vendor/material selection, and execution. - was smooth and hassle-free. I've worked with various architects in the past, but I found Shahen's work to be a class apart. I must also point out that he has excellent vendors on board who can get the easiest to the most complicated jobs done at economical rates. His choice of materials, color palette choices, and overall design vision were impressive. In addition, his attention to detail was impeccable. The end result was a home that we love more & more every day. I'm sure we'll be working with Shahen again very soon on some other project! Read More
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